• Local schools pledge support for Ottery’s library

    16th July 2014 | News | Claire
  • A public consultation ends tomorrow, and if proposals are agreed, Ottery’s popular library will no longer be funded by the council. Instead, volunteers will be needed to run it.

    Several schools have urged parents to support the library, including West Hill Primary School. Here’s their flyer that was issued last week ……………..

    Ottery St Mary Library needs us!

    Dear Parents

    As you may be aware, Devon County Council is at present consulting on what to do about the majority of its smaller libraries, in order to maintain services while reducing costs. Consequently, Ottery St Mary Library is in a position of some uncertainty. 

    Despite our digital age, the Library still has a valuable and vital role to play in our community and it would be such a shame to lose these local facilities.

    In order to show our support, could we encourage you to do two things:

    1. Fill in the online questionnaire to show the Council that our school is concerned about the future of the library.                                   

    There is only a short window of opportunity for this as the deadline for consultation is 17th July.  https://new.devon.gov.uk/libraryreview/feedback-form/

    2. If you have not already registered, register at the library and get borrowing – the busier they are, the harder it will be for the Council to say our library is unsustainable.