• Local NHS confirms no decision over minor injuries units

    17th September 2015 | News | Claire
  • Work is still to be done before decisions are finalised for the future of minor injuries services in Devon.  A further national report from Sir Bruce Keogh is expected to provide greater guidance and locally there is a great deal of information to take into account as to whether the service model is urgent care centres as originally proposed by Eastern Locality or a combination of urgent care centres and primary care. 

    Consultation feedback and alternative proposals will be considered alongside the Eastern Locality’s original commissioning intentions relating to minor injury units, during the procurement exercise for urgent care services in Devon. However this process is currently on hold as the CCG awaits national guidance.

    The only decision made at the Governing Body meeting on 16 July 2015 relating to MIUs was that the GB agreed that decision-making on the initial proposals by the Eastern Locality for the future of Minor Injury Units will go to the urgent care board.  This includes consideration of an alternative proposal by the Wakley Stakeholder Reference Group, which recommends greater emphasis on GP-led minor injury provision.