• Local Nature Partnership hope for Devon

    16th March 2012 | News | Claire
  • Championed by the Department for Food and Rural Affairs in the White Paper published last year – Securing the Value of Nature, LNPs are aimed at linking up a range of organisations that have an interest in the environment.

    Before LNPs can be set up, Devon County Council will have to bid to DEFRA to be part of the nationwide scheme.

    It is hoped that with a wide ranging collection of organisations, with the added weight of Government backing, that Devon’s LNP would become a powerful group that carries weight in policy and decision-making on environmental issues.

    Currently DCC is carrying out some research to establish what are local companies’ thoughts and priorities on the natural environment. 

    Town and parish councils are also being asked to complete online questionnaires.

    Any Devon-based company or council that wishes to complete a survey should get in touch with Eleanor Rutley at Eleanor Rutley and ask for a copy.