• Local author’s novel on village fight against developers

    22nd February 2013 | News | Claire
  • Mr Algar explains:  “In my life as a journalist, I discovered that making an important point in a semi-jocular way was more effective than just shouting.

    “For some time, like so many people, I have been concerned at local authority decisions and the way in which they are made. Consequently, I created Woodfield Magna, which, initially, unknown to its residents, was facing a serious combination of big business and some corrupt local politicians determined to change the village for their own commercial gain.”

    Mr Algar describes his book below: …………………………………………………………………………………………

    The pressure for new local developments confronts many communities and threatens the destruction of the rural environment and way of life. In Devon author Philip Algar’s latest novel, the residents of Woodfield Magna, having been confronted by local government and big business, in IT’S JUST NOT VILLAGE CRICKET, now face Westminster.

    The government is determined to change the village by imposing unwanted and unaffordable houses and a juvenile criminal centre on the village. How can the residents fight this new challenge and what role can a rare insect play?

    Why did the local fete become front page news in the national press? Why did a village with the best crime rate in the country suddenly become the worst when the media arrived? Why was the prime minister frightened of his mother? What role can the local celebrities, Hilary Cook, a television gardener, and his wife, Charlie Bush, a television chef, play? 

    The book, inspired by the works of PG Wodehouse and Tom Sharpe, pokes fun at politicians, “celebrities”, public relations, political correctness, official statistics, self-important company directors, the media and much more. It offers many amusing asides on government and contemporary society as unsophisticated but genuine Woodfield Magna residents struggle to live free from official diktats and interference.

    The subject of this book will be familiar to everyone anxious to preserve a way of life that is being overtaken by those who believe that even unnecessary and unwanted change means progress.

    The ISBN number of the book is 978-1-907219-36-8. The book is available from The Curious Otter bookshop or direct from the author on 01404 814157 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)