• Limited weight to be attached to the draft local plan

    11th October 2013 | News | Claire
  • Each policy has been attributed a colour to denote whether it is the subject of significant (red), minor (amber) or no significant objections (green).

    There are more than 60 policies that are subject to significant objections. Probably from residents who believe (quite rightly in my view) that there is too much development and developers who argue that there is not enough development.

    The paper asks councillors to give some weight to some policies, but leaves the decision to councillors judgement.  It states:  “Officers will determine delegated applications and advise Members on applications based on this guidance. It should be noted that the categorisation of these policies is a subjective judgement of the officers, and as such this list is only intended as a starting point to attributing weight to these policies and should not be seen as a definitive guide, given that, ultimately, the weight to be given to any particular policy is a matter for the decision maker.”

    The paper comes before the development management committee at Tuesday’s meeting (15 October), as an urgent item.

    To view the paper, click here – http://www.eastdevon.gov.uk/dmc_151013_urgent_item_-_newlocalplanweightingreport.pdf