• Lift off for Feniton flood scheme

    23rd July 2013 | News | Claire
  • I attended a meeting last week with Feniton Parish Council, EDDC engineer, Keith Steel, Phil Simcox from Howicks and Feniton councillor, Susie Bond, to have a look at the proposed route of the £1.6m scheme and hear about the process involved.

    Martyn Smith, chair of Feniton Parish Council said afterwards:  “The proposed alleviation system was discussed in detail and Phil was able to answer questions about how the scheme would work. The Parish Council up to that point had a few issues, but can now say that they are fully confident that the scheme will do what it is intended.

    “The timetable was then discussed. There is a lot of preliminary work to be done before the actual construction takes place, such as getting permission from the landowners, doing a full utilities survey to make sure the new pipe goes under all existing services underground. There needs to be a full ecological survey, which may result in mitigation work. This includes such things as bats, reptiles, dormice etc. They have to be done by law, as does the archaeological surveys.”

    Cllr Smith continued: “All work is also subject to planning permission and although this isn’t likely to be a problem, it is a process that has to be followed. Phil explained that it was impossible to be totally accurate with the timetable, because each part may be done quicker than anticipated, or conversely take longer, however his projection of each stage indicated that the actual construction work should start sometime near the end of 2015.”

    “It has taken a long time, but we can now say that the scheme has actually started.”

    Having witnessed the emotions, stress and worry etched on the faces of those who have been flooded many many times last year, it is a relief for me to know that it is now definitely started – and those voices – the ones who kept insisting that development was the only option for funding a flood defence scheme – now have no further justification for their claims.

    Well done to Feniton Parish Council, my county councillor predecessor, Roger Giles, Susie Bond and in particular to EDDC engineer, Keith Steel.