• Letter of thanks from Ottery Town Council following an apology

    7th December 2018 | News | Claire
  • I apologised to the town council on Monday evening at its full monthly meeting, following a heated discussion at the November meeting over the future of Ottery St Mary Hospital.

    I felt that the council were not doing all they could to protect the hospital and I left the meeting, slamming the door and inadvertently fracturing the glass.

    I paid for the damage, and on Monday evening said I was sorry.

    Following my Devon County Council report, which related to the work I was doing to help the residents of Victoria Terrace and to represent RIO on impossible rent increases, Cllr Geoff Pratt proposed that a letter of thanks be sent to me for the work I do for the community. This was seconded by Cllr Roger Giles and agreed by the whole council.

    It’s a lovely letter and I really appreciate it.  Here it is ….

    Cllr Claire Wright
    15 Cornhill
    Ottery St Mary
    EX11 1PU

    5th December 2018

    Dear Claire


    On behalf of Ottery Town Council I would like to thank you as our County Councillor, for all the hard work you have carried out on behalf of the community during the past year including the work relating to the fire and your continual efforts to try and save the hospital to ensure its current services can remain and additional services can be added.

    All the work you do is really appreciated and perhaps you are not thanked as much as you should be, particularly as I know by your actions as to how committed you genuinely are to the town and its parishioners.

    Hoping you have a lovely Christmas and peaceful and prosperous 2019!

    Very Best Wishes

    Chris McIntyre
    Town Clerk