• Letter in today’s Ottery Herald reminds me of….

    18th April 2014 | News | Claire
  • Let’s get Ottery Town Council and East Devon District Council’s achievements into perspective.

    Reading recent press articles and drawn to Claire Wright’s blog, I am astonished at the level of criticism aimed at certain Ottery town councillors, as well as councillors of the Conservative-led district council.

    Both town and district have seen some very significant achievements in recent times, in spite of limitations to available funds.

    Ottery St Mary Town Council has demonstrated vision of what is good for the town.

    Consider the flourishing supermarket drawing many people into the town and the benefits for some local businesses, eating places and attractions like the beautiful historic church.

    The new foot/cycle bridge over the River Otter has improved safety for those wending their way to and from King’s School.

    Consider also the local entertainment, provided for the people of Ottery, including the Queen’s jubilee celebrations.

    Not to forget the success of the flood relief scheme, which held up so well in the recent period of intensive rainfall.

    And preserving the convent buildings, an Ottery St Mary landmark, from which valuable services, including CAB, Adult Education and Benefits Service are being conducted.

    West Hill, the home of Claire Wright, must not be excluded, for here Councillor Wright also appears to be controversial in her unfounded complaints and statements.

    For example, the speed limits have received attention, but in spite of the promise of extended pavements by Cllrs Giles and Wright they remain incomplete.

    In the meantime, children and the elderly are still at risk as they walk alongside traffic near McColl’s shop.

    The criticism that EDDC is receiving from Claire Wright regarding their proposed move to SkyPark/Cranbrook is based on ill-founded information.

    When the Knowle is vacated there will be revenue-generating opportunities from whatsoever (sic) takes its place, which can be expected to provide economic benefits to Sidmouth.

    The new build for the western growth area of the district will provide much-needed business and employment for the young families as they set up new homes.

    This area, with its developing infrastructure, is a success story for East Devon.

    It is East Devon District Council and Devon County Council, both of which have a Conservative majority, who are leading the way for substantial growth and expanding business.

    Sadly it would appear that the Independent councillors Giles and Wright are making no tangible contribution to these achievements as they continue to complain and pick fault without foundation at every step of the way forward.

    John V Rowland
    Ashley Brake
    West Hill

    Have you made the connection yet? 

    If not, take a look at the comments on this blog…. http://www.claire-wright.org/index.php/post/ottery_st_mary_town_councils_trial_of_roger_giles_eddc_monitoring_officer_v

    (I don’t believe that John Rowland IS Elizabeth Jones, however, the words used in the letter are undeniably similar to Ms Jones remarks).