• Knowle and its gardens development backed by officers

    20th February 2013 | News | Claire
  • This is despite the gardens having public access and a significant economic impact on Sidmouth, should the offices move to Honiton, including the potential loss of up around 70 jobs to Sidmouth. 

    But after reading the officer’s report – Friday 1 March – I would consider this a considerable understatement.

    Officers’ justification to approve the application is summarised below:

    – The proposal does not adversely affect the privacy or amenity of neighbouring properties.

    – The design and external appearance of the proposal does not harm the visual amenity of the site and surrounding area.

    – The proposal is contained within the defined built-up area boundary of the settlement.

    – The access to serve the proposal does not prejudice highway safety.

    – Although the proposed development does not strictly comply with the requirements of Policy E3 (Safeguarding Employment Land and Premises) it is considered that the economic impact on the local economy of Sidmouth is justified by the wider economic benefits of the development for East Devon as a whole. 

    – While the loss of part of the parkland and formal gardens is unfortunate given the strong feeling of the local community that these should be retained in their entirety it is considered that the impact on any limited remaining historic interest of these areas would be minor. 

    The final decision is now down to councillors on the development management committee, who will meet on Friday 1 March at 2pm, at Knowle.  The press and public are permitted to attend.  Residents can speak on the application for three minutes each.

    The report and recommendations can be viewed via the link below.