• King’s School students grill councillors in ‘political speed dating’ event

    1st February 2017 | News | Claire
  • Around 100 year 11 students sat in groups at tables and councillors moved to a different table every three minutes.

    During each three minutes a series of quick fire questions were asked:

    Several of the tables wanted to know what I thought of Donald Trump and Brexit as well as triggering Article 50.

    Pretty much every table asked why I had become a councillor and what issues motivated me to become active.

    I was asked several times about my thoughts on votes at 16, which are of course very much in favour. It was a policy that featured in my general election campaign manifesto in 2015.

    Public transport and how expensive it is also came up and I said I would be happy to work with any groups on making representations on this issue at whatever level they felt appropriate.

    Another theme was about how political representatives and young people can communicate with each other better – again something I believe is vital if we are to represent all of our residents.  I certainly feel that central government policy tends to discriminate against young people because they tend not to vote in the same numbers as older people.

    All councillors were scored on their answers and then it was time to count the votes.

    I was really chuffed and completely honoured to be crowned as the winner of political speed dating!

    I gave a short speech and urged the students to campaign for or against issues they felt strongly about. I said that the only way to ever change anything was by getting involved with politics!

    It was a great fun event and I really enjoyed it as I always do.  My thanks go to Amanda and Hannah at East Devon District Council and Jo Elliott from The King’s School for organising it.