• Jeremy Hunt presides over near silent NHS consultation - deadline Monday

    21st November 2015 | News | Claire
  • We blinked and we missed it. I am a member of Devon County Council’s health and wellbeing scrutiny committee and had no idea about its existence.

    Even the media didn’t pick it up until Thursday last week. The deadline is Monday (23 November)!

    It looks like a big important one too – setting the future direction of the NHS – as if that hasn’t already been done with the £3bn Health and Social Care Act, which has fragmented and helped to privatise the service.

    The consultation claims it is about helping the NHS become more accountable to parliament and the public.

    Responses to the consultation will be used to inform the government spending review.

    Here’s the Guardian article – see link at the bottom of the story for consultation – http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/nov/19/nhs-mandate-england-consulation-deadline

    You will need to read a 13 page document (which reads largely like motherhood and apple pie) before you complete the survey – link to both questionnaire and 13 page document is at bottom of Guardian story.

    These are the questions
    1. Do you agree with our aims for the mandate to NHS England?
    2. Is there anything else we should be considering in producing the mandate to NHS England?
    3. What views do you have on our overarching objective of improving outcomes and reducing health inequalities, including by using new measures of comparative quality for local CCG
    populations to complement the national outcomes measures in the NHS Outcomes Framework?
    4. What views do you have on our priorities for the health and care system?
    5. What views do you have on how we set objectives for NHS England to reflect their contribution to achieving our priorities?

    Question 3 is not exactly user friendly, I note.

    I suspect that the interesting thing will be how the government interprets the responses to the consultation – and who has responded.

    The key thing isn’t the rather vague overarching strategy, but how it is implemented.

    The private sector may have a view.

    Why has Jeremy Hunt been so quiet on this?