• Is there something about Ottery?

    3rd November 2011 | News | Claire
  • First, on the 6 September, Glyn Dobson, Ottery St Mary Town Council Mayor, presented Ottery Town Council’s submission to the panel, but was prevented from continuing as the panel chairman, Cllr Mike Allen (Con) claimed he had not authorised any debate of the villages in the Ottery Parish, despite appearing to indicate via an email that this would be in order.

    Then Cllr Roger Giles (Ind), ward member was cut short in his representation to the panel – once at a meeting in October where a vote on housing numbers for Ottery St Mary was proposed and agreed without debate.  At this meeting Cllr Giles complained bitterly at this rushed through debate and vote as he gathered his belongings.  Chairman, Mike Allen stood up and ordered him from the room and told Roger he would see him with the Standards Officer.  It was pretty horrid to watch.

    Finally, at Tuesday’s panel meeting – the last meeting prior to consultation, Roger Giles came towards the table to debate the Ottery section of the plan.  But Cllr Allen refused to let him speak at all, blaming Roger’s complaints from the previous meeting for this undemocratic decision. 

    When I tried to intervene, I was told that I should not argue – the implication was that I would be asked to leave the meeting if I persisted. 

    Unfortunately, the majority of the panel, who were muttering, appeared to agree with the chairman’s approach relating to Roger.

    So three opportunities for representing Ottery and three opportunities either cut short or denied.  And this is an issue of the utmost importance –  strategic development proposals in Ottery St Mary for the next 20 years, which have been, and are still, contrary to the wishes from Ottery St Mary Town Council and many residents.

    Surely this attitude towards Ottery St Mary cannot be motivated by Cllr Giles being an outspoken independent councillor, often critical of EDDC?  Can it?