• Is this the worst week ever of the Conservative government’s rule? Our MP should explain himself

    20th January 2021 | News | Claire
  • In the blizzard of appalling decisions voted through this week by Conservative MPs, it’s hard to know which was worse.
    The Tories’ approach appears to be parcel it up for one or two days, presumably in order to bamboozle the media and make the rest of us feel as though it is hopeless to oppose, keep up to date with, or get chance to ask our Conservative MPs to oppose the next atrocity they’re about to commit.
    Our MPs are there to act on our behalf and represent our views. I cannot imagine for a second that the residents of East Devon would support these decisions/actions.
    I have written to Mr Jupp asking for an explanation.
    Here’s a vignette:
    – Voting down an amendment which could prevent the UK doing post Brexit trade deals with countries that commit genocide and other human rights abuses
    – Voting down protective post Brexit trade deal amendments to ensure our NHS remains free at the point of delivery, protections on selling patient data and the ability to control drug prices (see Independent article below).
    – Voting down a motion to extend the £20 a week Universal Credit increase, which is supposed to help prevent destitution and hunger
    – Voting down clauses that ensure parliament gets to scrutinise the detail of post Brexit trade deals
    – Voting down an amendment which would prevent the government from lowering our animal welfare/food standards in a post Brexit deal
    – Voting through new boundary rules that favour the conservatives, alongside per party election expenditure of £33m
    – In the news there is the threat of a bonfire of workers rights, post Brexit
    – And this is all during the week that the covid death toll has reached the worst in the world.
    – And in Brexit news the fishing industry looks as though it is about to go off a cliff, musicians
    PS. Also revealed, the new BBC Chairman, Richard Sharp, a former of boss of the Chancellor, has donated over £400,000 to the Conservative Party.
    PPS. And the new Chair of the College of Policing, Nick Herbert, a Tory Peer, turns out to be a former Countryside Alliance Chair.
    PPS. It’s only Wednesday
    Have I missed anything? Please do add anything I have overlooked…