• Independent councillors mean “death knell” for EDDC funding applications, Ottery council told

    7th March 2014 | News | Claire
  • It relates to an Ottery St Mary Town Council meeting on Monday (3 March) evening, where Cllr Ian Holmes declared that he and mayor, Cllr Glyn Dobson, were told at a meeting with EDDC chiefs last year, that if “either of our independent councillors were involved in a project it could signal the death knell for it.”

    The meeting reportedly took place last July between mayor, Cllrs Glyn Dobson, Ian Holmes, David Cox, EDDC leader, Paul Diviani and EDDC’s chief executive, although the attendance is to be confirmed.

    Cllr Roger Giles was not invited to the meeting, nor was he aware of it, despite being an EDDC ward member for Ottery St Mary Town.  The second councillor for Ottery Town is David Cox, a conservative.

    Cllr Glyn Dobson had written to EDDC’s chief executive following his concerns that Ottery did not get a fair share of EDDC’s funding.  He cited public toilets, the skatepark, parking charges and the cricket pavilion, as examples.

    What is unclear is who told Cllrs Holmes and Dobson that the town’s rightful funding was being withheld because of its independent councillors.

    Cllr Giles told Monday evening’s Ottery Town Council meeting that the news was “scandalous” and “totally unacceptable and unimaginable that the council’s priorities would be decided in this way.”

    As I told the Herald, questions are being asked at the highest level about these claims, by myself and Cllr Giles.

    Photograph: Ottery’s former Cutler Hammer factory site, now given permission for 100 dwellings.