• I’m ready for the fight to come and I’m ready to become an MP…

    8th September 2019 | News | Claire
  • It’s been an extraordinary and unprecedented few weeks in politics.

    A man without scruple is now our prime minister, aided and abetted by a reckless adviser and the most hardline rightwing cabinet we have ever seen in this country.

    In practice this means selling the soul of our country and the union, by morphing into the Brexit Party.

    Expelling 21 moderate Conservatives on Tuesday evening, including Winston Churchill’s grandson and father of the house, Ken Clarke, has meant that the transition of the Conservative Party into the Brexit Party is already complete.

    It was clear from the moment he took office that Mr Johnson’s plan was for a general election, to drive through a no deal Brexit, yet to try and dupe the electorate into thinking he wanted an amended withdrawal agreement from the EU.

    He already knew his request for removal of the Irish backstop was firmly opposed by both the Irish government and by default the EU on peace grounds.

    But more staggering than anything else has been the determination with which this government has lied, duped, schemed and plotted to achieve its nefarious aims.

    Boris Johnson seems to be a man without principle. He has one aim. Power.

    We also have a chancellor who is claiming austerity is over following a decade of cuts and misery, imposed by his own Conservative government.

    £100m stripped from Devon County Council alone, which has hit children, the poorest, elderly and disabled people and those who don’t have a voice more than anyone else. I’ve seen the impacts of austerity on residents in my ward and it’s deeply disturbing.

    But now, despite a no deal Brexit firmly on the table and the economic hit the country will take – around five per cent at least and a potential recession – Sajid Javid has launched an opportunistic vote grabbing budget, which implies that the austerity agenda was never more than a decision for a government determined to shrink the welfare state.

    East Devon’s MP Hugo Swire is at the very heart of this government, robustly defending every move Mr Johnson makes.

    A passionate supporter of a no deal Brexit, Mr Swire is now the epitome of the newly formed hardline rightwing Conservative-Brexit Party.

    So a general election looms. Where does this leave me? Well my team and I have been preparing for a year and are on standby for battle.

    This will be my third general election in four years, from a platform of over 21,000 votes in 2017.

    I’m ready for the fight to come and I’m ready to enter parliament as a new MP, filled with hope and a desire to work to my best ability on behalf of the people of the East Devon constituency.

    For me, there will be no party whip, no wish for a highly paid ministerial position. Just working alongside like minded MPs, representing local people on the issues they tell me are most important to them. I can’t wait!