We only hear from the most senior managers at Health Scrutiny and I believe that our work is poorer for that.

I would like to reassure any staff (who quite understandably may be nervous about speaking out) that I am very keen to hear about what is happening on the ground and that I will treat their comments as confidential.

Winter is looming, as is a predicted major flu outbreak and there are serious concerns about how the RD&E is going to cope without the same level of community beds to discharge patients to… and of course, how much suffering may be caused to patients and carers as a result.

I am keen to hear from any staff or patients who would like to contact me to let me know about what is happening on the ground, between September and the end of February.
Health Scrutiny Committee will be given graphs, tables and stats which may or may not support the position taken to cut the hospital beds.

I am far more interested in hearing from staff and patients.

Please share this post with as many of your friends and relatives in East Devon as possible.
I understand that this sort of information gathering is taking place across many parts of Devon. If you are information gathering in other parts of Devon, please leave a comment below, so people know who to contact.

Thank you

Devon County Councillor
Otter Valley Ward