• I urge Hugo Swire to work with his colleagues to reject schools funding formula plans

    23rd December 2016 | News | Claire
  • As you will be aware, Devon County Council and our schools across the area were looking forward to these proposals as they had been led to believe by local MPs that it would be good news for Devon – and that the new funding formula – would live up to its name … and be fairer!

    The county is virtually at the bottom of the league table for schools funding and local schools are talking of undergoing real hardship in the near future because of the government imposed pressures such as higher NI contributions, pensions, the living wage and the apprenticeship levy, to name just a few.

    The King’s School already is behind the rest of the country with a huge £263,900 less in funding than a similar-sized school funded at the national average in 2016/17.

    Now it is set to have even less money and yet more hardship.

    Unbelievably, as a result of the so-called fairer funding formula the schools in my ward will now mostly LOSE money, in addition to already massively stretched budgets.  Across the county a shocking third of schools are proposed to lose out due to this new funding regime.

    In my ward these are:

    The Kings School – loses £120,000 by 2020
    Ottery St Mary Primary School – loses £38,000 a year
    West Hill Primary School – loses £4000 a year

    I believe Tipton St John and Feniton Primary Schools gain slightly.

    Rob Gammon, headteacher of Kings School said that the proposed cuts would have a ‘considerable impact” on budgets.

    I understand that these are proposals and they will be consulted on until 22 March.

    I am urging you as Ottery’s MP firstly, to join with your colleagues and ensure that the final outcome of the consultation is a significant increase in funding for local schools

    Secondly, please would you obtain a commitment from education ministers to reimburse schools for all the costs that the government has caused, as outlined above.

    I believe most people would see this as fair.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Merry Christmas.

    Best wishes