• I am named as one of 25 key political figures as a champion to prevent a hard Brexit

    29th May 2017 | News | Claire
  • Claire Wright, independent parliamentary candidate in East Devon is today named alongside national political figures as one of 25 key candidate “champions” in a campaign for Britain’s biggest ever tactical vote to stop a Conservative led hard Brexit.

    The endorsement comes from the Best for Britain campaign set up by Gina Miller whose fight for Parliament’s right to trigger Article 50 went all the way to the Supreme Court.

    Announcing the deal the Best for Britain team said Ms Wright had mounted a strong challenge against Conservative Hugo Swire in East Devon. She is the candidate most likely to put principle first and speak up for what is best for Britain in the next Parliament.

    Gina Miller, Board Member, Best for Britain said:

    “Theresa May has said this election is about her mandate for negotiation with Europe. But this means accepting the Conservative manifesto’s Deal or no Deal rhetoric. Britain deserves considered debate, not posturing.

    “By supporting independent minded candidates, we want to help to deliver a Parliament that scrutinises and holds the Government to account to ensure that Britain get the best deal from Europe. Tactical voting will make a real difference in this election. That’s why we are backing strong and talented candidates that agree with our position that MPs must have the right to a full and free vote in Parliament on the terms of the deal, with all options on the table.”

    Other figures named include Labour’s Chuka Ummuna, Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg and Green Caroline Lucas. Best for Britain is a non partisan organisation campaigning to ensure the final negotiation with the EU ends with the best deal for Britain by endorsing MPs that will fight extreme Brexit.

    Ms Wright has expressed concern about the Brexit process and has a manifesto commitment to fighting for a vote in Parliament on any final deal. Responding to the announcement Ms Wright said:

    “I am delighted to receive this endorsement which raises my campaign to a whole new level. It is exciting and humbling to be named alongside experienced national politicians. I firmly believe in the democratic right for MPs to be able to properly debate and meaningfully vote on any Brexit deal.

    “Again and again I have heard from people who are so fed up with the divisive nature of our politics. I am proud to be an independent and to fight for Parliament to have a say on any Brexit deal.”

    Claire will not receive any financial support from the Best for Britain campaign. Her funding has come from about 200 donations by local people through an internet funding site, which is transparent and accountable. It has raised ten thousand pounds in just under three weeks.

    The Best for Britain endorsement is the latest high point in Claire’s campaign:

    On Sunday her crowdfunding website reached £10 000, raised in less than three weeks,
    last week she was endorsed by East Devon based Booker prize winning novelist Hilary Mantel, the author of Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies. Ms Mantel backed Claire saying:

    “If you want a different kind of politics, do something different to get it. Don’t waste your vote, give it to Claire Wright: trust a candidate with a clear vision for our unique part of England.”

    Claire has also been endorsed by tactical voting website Tactical2017 as the best East Devon candidate to defeat the Conservatives. She is currently the only Independent candidate in the country with this endorsement.

    She has also been named by bookies William Hill as the official opposition in East Devon with odds of 9/2 and the only credible alternative to the Conservatives.