• Hugo urged to defend East Devon’s nature habitats

    10th June 2015 | News | Claire
  • Dear Hugo

    You may be interested to know that Devon County Council has today pledged to respond to the above consultation, pressing for the retention of these important laws, which protect scarce wildlife and habitats.

    Many environmental charities believe that this consultation could result in the weakening of nature directives, as a result of pressure from some governments, including senior figures in the UK government and big business, which view these laws as a break on economic growth.

    High profile campaigns have been launched by the RSPB, Devon Wildlife Trust and others, in a drive to highlight the need for these laws and what they have achieved in recent years.

    Many threatened species are recovering as a result of the nature directives and any weakening could be disastrous for birds such as the dartford warbler for example, which is becoming increasingly rare. The East Devon pebblebeds are one of the few places in the UK that the dartford warbler can now be found.  The Exe Estuary is equally important for rare birds, such as lapwings, warblers and godwits.

    Given the widespread concern about the possible weakening of these laws, I would be grateful if you would support local people and Devon County Council in submitting your own consultation response, urging the EU to retain the laws as they stand.

    Here is the relevant link – http://www.rspb.org.uk/joinandhelp/campaignwithus/defendnature/?gclid=CJ7_27ykhcYCFdHMtAodbVQAvg

    I look forward to hearing from you.