• Hugo Swire to discuss planning issues with Nick Boles, in July

    21st May 2013 | News | Claire
  • Mr Swire’s private secretary has confirmed to me that he will meet with Mr Boles sometime in July, although the precise date has not been confirmed.

    The meeting follows on from mine and Cllr Roger Giles meeting with Mr Swire in early February, where we outlined our serious concerns about planning issues in East Devon and the likelihood of significant levels of inappropriate and excessive development as a result of a deregulated planning system, caused by the National Planning Policy Framework, as well as a raft of further deregulated planning rules published since the NPPF has been in place, in March 2012.

    I wish Mr Swire (who does value the countryside) the very best of luck in his meeting with Mr Boles, who so far, doesn’t seem to have displayed any degree of concern whatsoever about the effect of his and the government’s policy on planning!

    Myself and Roger Giles talking with Mr Swire in February.