• Hugo Swire considers a solution to the NHS crisis, makes no mention of his govt’s failings

    24th January 2018 | News | Claire
  • Actually, social care budgets have been eviscerated. So if you are in hospital and well enough to leave, chances are, you’ll stay in for some time because there are not enough places to safely discharge you and there aren’t the carers available, especially in Exeter and East Devon, to look after you in your home.

    Who isn’t aware of the continuing community hospital bed cuts which have added more pressure onto an already overloaded system?

    Who hasn’t been told by their GP when they express concern over waiting times for tests, such as-rays, physiotherapy or some diagnostic tests, that it might be quicker to go private. I certainly have!

    We already have a two tier system. And those who don’t have the cash to pay, have to lump it.

    Taxes may have to rise, in one form or another, but I would also like to point out that the NHS didn’t have to get into this crisis.

    The government made its choices, saw this maelstrom coming a mile off – but instead of averting it – ministers instead opted to recline on the sofa and gaze at it unfolding as though engaging in some kind of dystopian social experiment.

    The conservative government is almost entirely responsible for the situation the NHS is now in.

    The Conservatives continue to shrink the welfare state (and starve the NHS of the resources it needs) to satisfy political ideological thinking of its hard right wing element, that wants members of the public and charities to pick up central government responsibility in providing care and help, for people who are ill and people who are struggling to make ends meet.

    There are a very large number of people in our society who are now carers and whose own health is at risk because of it. Elderly couples who are both unwell, being forced to look after each other because services are no longer in place to properly support them.

    Working parents who have to also care for elderly parents, and burn out in the process.

    “But this is what we all did in the past!” chirrup ministers smugly, safe in the knowledge that it will never have to be them who are managing on a tiny amount of sleep each night, on a depressingly low income and virtually no social life.

    Staff are leaving in their droves because they’re unhappy.

    But that’s ok think ministers, it saves the NHS from expensive redundancy packages, which the NHS would be forced to make because of the lack of funding from central government.

    Quite rightly, there is uproar and wall to wall media coverage when there is a terrorist attack, but far far more people are dying because the NHS is under-resourced than are dying in terrorist attacks (see http://www.independent.co.uk/…/nhs-cuts-excess-deaths-30000… ) yet ministers continue to deny there is a problem, ignore what the NHS and patients are telling them and simply trot out their misrepresentative stats on staffing and performance.

    The totally unnecessary and very damaging Health and Social Care Act in 2012 which broke up the NHS into a mass of confusing fragments and causes managers to tear their hair out over a vast array of complex and confusing contracts, cost over £3bn.

    The tentacles of private sector, whose primary aim, is to keep its shareholders happy with a tidy profit, is, thanks to the Health and Social Care Act, now well embedded within our health service.

    And the likes of Branson stamps his feet and sues the NHS when he isn’t awarded the contracts he wants. And generally behaves in a threatening, demanding, bully boy manner.

    I know this because I’ve seen the letters.

    How many government projects that are costing billions, could be diverted into public services?

    How many times does the government find huge amounts of money for the things it wants to find money for?

    – The DUP deal
    – A third runway at Heathrow
    – Major infrastructure projects, including roads and HS2
    – Brexit
    – Court cases to fight in favour of its own interests (Gina Miller)
    – Corporation tax cuts for big business
    – Allowing big business to escape without paying their fair share of tax

    Just for example.

    The simple fact is that the government is not only NOT prioritising public services. It is actively dismantling them. And it seems to me that it is actively dismantling the NHS, piece by piece.

    It’s about time that ministers ceased smugly parroting their misrepresentative statistics, got off their backsides and started caring and acting to save the NHS before it’s too late.

    Hugo Swire’s navel gazing doesn’t reflect any of this, of course. Here’s his article – http://www.exmouthjournal.co.uk/news/how-can-we-save-the-nhs-1-5366945?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social_Icon&utm_campaign=in_article_social_icons