• Devon County Council highways officers recommend Otterton for a 20mph limit

    11th October 2018 | News | Claire
  • Dear Otterton resident

    Following the public meeting organised by Cllr Geoff Jung and myself in January, I am really pleased to report that two senior highways officers are to recommend Otterton for a 20mph limit, following my work to prove that the village meets every policy requirement bar one.

    The recommendation is that the new 20mph limit should replace the existing 30mph limit. Beginning and ending in the same places.

    Two short speed checks were carried out in April and September and found that mean speeds were around 20mph (although of course I am aware of many reports of speeding at other times, particularly in the evenings).

    The cost will be between £3 and £5,000, which includes the signage and advertising as part of a regulatory traffic order.

    I have agreed to allocate a third of the funding through my locality budget and I hope Otterton Parish Council will provide another third.

    Last month, I wrote to the manager of Ladram Bay Holiday Park to ask if the company would supply the remaining third, given how much traffic is generated by the business. I have not yet received a reply.

    If SCARF agrees the proposal at its meeting next month, the works could take around a year to complete.

    Further covert speed checks will be carried out in the village over the next few months to establish whether there is also a need for a flashing 20mph speed sign to accompany the new 20mph limit, which is something else I know many residents support.

    This is the result of around nine months work so I am absolutely delighted that highways officers have decided to back up the views of Otterton residents in this way. Just a few months ago, it was not looking so hopeful!

    I will keep you updated with further news. You may also wish to sign up to my blog at http://www.claire-wright.org

    Yours sincerely

    Claire Wright