• Highways committee to consider improvements to prevent collisions on Four Elms Hill

    22nd November 2017 | News | Claire
  • According to official data held by Devon County Council highways department and published in the report to next week’s committee, there have been 23 slight injuries and three serious collisions, between January 2012 and 2016, although these figures are strongly contested by local people, who live near the road and have seen for themselves the many accidents.

    The proposal is for a review of the white line system on the road.

    As the Devon County Councillor for Otter Valley and Four Elms Hill I am very concerned at the many accidents that are happening here and welcome the proposal to alter the white lines in the centre of the road. I would, however, question whether this was enough. I share EDDC councillor, Val Ranger’s views (who has worked hard to raise the profile of the problems here), and the view of Newton Poppleford Parish Council, that there needs to be more intervention . 

    I am well aware of budgetary constraints but if people are dying and being seriously injured then it is important that we do everything we can to prevent this.

    Here’s the report – http://democracy.devon.gov.uk/documents/s12696/mj211117edh%20A3052%20Four%20Elms%20Hill%20Newton%20Poppleford%20Safety%20Review.pdf

    Colaton Raleigh
    Also on the agenda at the same meeting is a stretch of road at Colaton Raleigh.  The main road through from Newton Poppleford to Exmouth, which is very heavily trafficked.  I had a site visit here some weeks ago with a representative from Colaton Raleigh Parish Council and a highways officer. We discussed possible improvements, given the many near misses that are happening, that the road splits the village and people have to cross the road to visit the shop or walk alongside it to the pub, for example.

    Also, around 30 children twice a day are having to cross the road to catch their bus. The visibility is so bad that the oncoming traffic from Newton Poppleford cannot be seen until the centre of the road is reached. I don’t believe this is acceptable for children to put up with.

    Unfortunately, there are no specific traffic calming measures set out in the report on the basis that this has been looked into before and due to the narrowness of the road been deemed inappropriate.

    The meeting takes place at 10.30am, Thursday 30 November at Larkbeare House, in Exeter.