• Report on dentistry services across Devon to be scrutinised at March meeting

    10th February 2021 | News | Claire
  • Given the grim news below I have asked officers for a full report on dentistry in Devon at the next Health and Adult Care Scrutiny meeting in March. I am told that representatives from NHS England and NHS Improvement have been invited.
    I asked for a report last year following local complaints about long waiting times and concerns from dentists themselves on similar issues.
    The report we received in my view was a bit of a whitewash and did not answer my questions. I asked for more detail but this was not provided.
    I am pleased that we now have an item on the agenda of the next meeting so we can establish what the waiting times are for urgent and non-urgent treatment and how this compares to pre-pandemic levels.
    Hearing stories of patients pulling out their own teeth because of a lack of urgent treatment available is horrifying.
    I will report more when the agenda papers are published. The next meeting of the Health and Adult Care Scrutiny Committee is on 18 March.