• Four motions up for debate at EDDC’s full council next week

    14th October 2013 | News | Claire
  • They are as follows:

    1. Motion 1 – Post Office Services (now privatised)

    “This Council recognises that it is the policy of the Government to privatise the Royal Mail but the Council is extremely concerned that the inter business agreement signed between Post Office Limited and the Royal Mail Group is not sufficiently robust to ensure the essential requirement that the “Universal” principle is maintained with satisfactory services continuing in rural areas both by the maintenance of adequate provision of rural post offices and by the requirement for postal deliveries to continue throughout rural as well as urban areas in the entire country.”

    Proposed by Councillor Ken Potter, Seconded by Councillor Tim Wood and supported by Councillors Paul Diviani, Ray Bloxham, and Peter Sullivan

    2. Motion 2 – Exeter to Salisbury and Waterloo railway line
    “This Council has long recognised the vital importance of the Exeter to Salisbury and Waterloo railway line, and has for a considerable time sought to achieve improvements to the line. The Council is disappointed that its efforts have only been partially successful in achieving a passing loop at Axminster, which has allowed an hourly service between East Devon and London.

    The Council is particularly disappointed that its strong support for a passing loop between Broadclyst and Whimple, which would allow a half hourly service between East Devon stations and Exeter, has not resulted in the provision of this vitally important improvement.

    The Council believes that the HS2 is not the best way of improving rail infrastructure nationally, and represents very poor value for money. The Council calls on the Government to scrap the HS2 project, and instead improve rail services across the country such as the Exeter to Salisbury and Waterloo line which would deliver considerably more benefits to rail services in a much shorter time period.

    The Council agrees to write to the two MPs representing East Devon constituencies to seek their support for better rail services and a better allocation of resources to achieve this.”

    Proposed by Councillor Roger Giles, Seconded by Councillor Claire Wright and supported by Councillors Trevor Cope, Ben Ingham and John Jeffery.

    3. Motion 3 – Value and protection of trees
    “This Council recognises the great value of trees to the East Devon landscape, particularly ancient woodland, and also the importance of trees to wildlife. This council is concerned at the loss of trees as a result of development proposals, and is particularly concerned at the removal of trees by developers ahead of receiving planning approval.

    This Council:
    1. calls on the Government to provide greater protection for trees and ancient woodland
    2. calls on the government to allow greater penalties for developers who remove trees without permission
    3. asks the Portfolio Holder for Environment to pursue options for woodland creation and tree planting in East Devon.”

    Proposed by Councillor Claire Wright, Seconded by Councillor Roger Giles and
    supported by Councillors Trevor Cope, Susie Bond and Ben Ingham

    4. Motion 4 – local retail levy (supermarkets)
    “This Council supports the following proposal under the Sustainable Communities Act:

    ‘That the Secretary of State gives Local Authorities the power to introduce a local levy of 8.5% of the rate on large retail outlets in their area with a rateable annual value not less that £500,000 and requires that the revenue from this levy be retained by the Local Authority in order to be used to improve local communities in their areas by promoting local economic activity, local services and facilities, social and community wellbeing and environmental protection.’

    The Council notes that if this power was acquired it would present the opportunity to raise further revenue for the benefit of local communities, should the Council wish to use it.

    The Council resolves to submit the proposal to the government under the Sustainable Communities Act and to work together with Local Works to gain support for the proposal from other councils in the region and across the country”.

    Proposed by Councillor Ben Ingham, Seconded by Councillor Claire Wright and supported by Councillors Roger Giles, Susie Bond and Douglas Hull

    The meeting starts at 6.30pm on Wednesday 23 October and will take place at EDDC’s offices, Knowle, Sidmouth.  Here’s the agenda – http://www.eastdevon.gov.uk/council_agenda_231013.pdf