• Four Elms Hill speed reduction work delayed again

    16th April 2019 | News | Claire
  • Officers confirmed at the last Highways and Traffic Orders Committee (HATOC) on 12 March, that they have now commissioned a survey by contractor, Jacobs, to assess Four Elms Hill for a traffic survey.

    It had been thought possible to carry out this work as part of highways maintenance but the maintenance work has been delayed unfortunately.

    I first brought the issue to HATOC in November 2017 after residents complained about the number of accidents including a fatality in 2017. One of the problems is that inconsistent speed limit from 40mph from the Bowd to a 60mph through Four Elms Hill, to a 30mph through Newton Poppleford. The double white lines in the middle of the road indicating no overtaking is allowed, are also inconsistent.

    Local councillors and a police officer recommended that double white lines be extended throughout the whole of the hill and the speed on the hill be reduced to 40mph.

    I proposed this at the November 2017 meeting. However progress has been regrettably slow.

    Officers at the 12 March HATOC said that a speed study had been undertaken and shown average speeds on the hill had been shown as “27.5mph uphill and 38.3mph downhill”.

    PC Steve Lee challenged the location of their test and it transpired speeds were taken right at the top of the hill, in the layby by the phone mast.

    PC Steve Lee and Newton Poppleford Parish Councillor, Chris Burhop spoke at the 12 March HATOC meeting as did I and Cllr Christine Channon, who supported the action. We all expressed frustration that things were happening so very slowly when a dangerous road was continuing to cause accidents regularly.

    Chair and highways portfolio holder, Cllr Stuart Hughes summed up saying he supported the call for double white lines and reduced speed limit on Four Elms Hill.

    The issue will be brought back to the July HATOC, which will be two years since a six-car accident and a fatality.