• Food poverty.  Will supermarkets deliver to you?

    21st May 2013 | News | Claire
  • The excellent initiative is below and asks an interesting question about whether supermarkets will deliver to rural villages or hamlets.  See information below and please reply to Greg Davies if you have any information that may help him with his research.  Isn’t it odd that Tesco doesn’t have this information (that might help vulnerable people) yet it holds all sorts of personal information on most of its customers, for commercial reasons. 

    I haven’t shopped in Tesco for at least three years – not since I saw how they handle their planning applications (gosh I am feeling quite fighty this evening!)……………………………………………………….

    Is there such a thing as ‘Food Poverty’ ? If so:

    What is it and how do you recognise it?
    Is it a consequence of the current economic difficulties?
    Are there things that could be done to tackle the problem?
    The growth of Food Banks is perhaps one indication of an increasing problem and of communities willingness to find solutions.

    The Community Council of Devon has been working with Devon County Council and other agencies to look at different aspects that might contribute to Food Poverty, such as access to food at lower cost (e.g. from supermarkets). Whether we like supermarkets or not the price of food can be significantly lower than in smaller convenience stores.

    We want to know whether everyone can take advantage of supermarket prices, particularly people in more rural areas who perhaps can’t get to a supermarket under their own steam. A possible option is ordering on line (if you have access to the internet), but the other question that we are trying to answer is whether there are places in Devon where supermarkets either will not deliver at all or perhaps they charge an excessive fee for delivering.

    We have tried asking Tesco but they say that they don’t have the information.

    We would be very interested to hear of any areas either where supermarkets don’t deliver or charge an excessive delivery charge making it too expensive. Any information you are able to provide will help us towards creating a Food Poverty strategy for Devon.

    Please respond to Greg Davies at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) by Friday 31st May.