• Feniton will see a planning “super inquiry” in the new year

    30th August 2013 | News | Claire
  • In January or February 2014, barristers, planners and residents will slog it out as Feniton will be the focus of a high profile planning “super inquiry.”

    Three planning appeals, totalling almost 250 houses, will be considered by a planning inspector, who will judge the appeals both on their own merits and on common themes. The obvious and biggest being the lack of a five year land supply for housing in East Devon.

    This theme will be closely followed by the fact that EDDC’s adopted local plan is out of date.

    That said, by early next year, the new draft local plan could be deemed to carry more weight than at the Ottery Butts Road inquiry, where was described by a planning inspector as carrying “little weight.”

    Feniton’s triple inquiry is likely to be the first in East Devon, possibly the county, and maybe even the south west.

    The first major planning appeal to be heard since EDDC acknowledged it does not have a five year land supply, will be one at Seaton, for around 160 houses, I believe, proposed on the green wedge between Colyton and Seaton. That is set to take place this December, I believe. 

    It is likely to be the first of many.

    It is all looming for the residents of East Devon.  All we can do is our homework and keep our fingers crossed.

    Read more at Cllr Susie Bond’s blog here – http://susiebond.wordpress.com/2013/08/30/super-inquiry-for-feniton-to-be-held-in-2014/

    Photograph: Feniton’s camp field, at risk from 120 houses.