• Feniton triple appeal inquiry moved to airport

    13th December 2013 | News | Claire
  • The reason for the change of venue is due to the developers claiming that the Feniton Bowling Club is not big enough for three sets of developers, three legal teams and the EDDC team, as well as members of the public.

    Wainhomes threatened to charge all their legal costs to EDDC, if the planning inspector on the day, adjourned the inquiry as a result of their objections.

    Despite, Cllr Susie Bond and Feniton Parish Council trying their hardest to find an alternative venue and EDDC planning officers preference to stay in Feniton. And to be fair to planning officers they did want to remain in Feniton, or as close to Feniton as possible, they felt that their only option was to move the inquiry, lock, stock and barrell, to Exeter Airport’s training academy.

    This is obviously VERY disappointing and appears to be extremely cunning tactics deployed by Wainhomes, who seem to have done their best to try to avert the manic preparations that are ongoing for the inquiry, as well no doubt hoping to face fewer residents at the inquiry. The move will also avoid the planning inspector driving through the village every day seeing the problems for himself.  A dirty business if you ask me.

    I have to say that Cllr Susie Bond has been an absolute stalwart in the preparations for the inquiry. Working with Feniton Parish Council and Fight for Feniton’s Future to gather, prepare and submit all the information (Feniton Parish Council has been granted permission to take an active part in the legal arguments), has been a mammoth task and Susie has put in a tremendous amount of work.

    Thank goodness she was elected when she was.

    See Susie’s blog for a full account of what led up to this latest development – http://susiebond.wordpress.com/2013/12/12/change-of-venue-for-the-super-inquiry/