• Feniton street lights to be switched back on until flood defence scheme in place

    11th March 2014 | News | Claire
  • Currently, in line with most other areas of Devon, Feniton’s street lights switch off at around midnight and automatically come on again at about 5am.

    But residents have understandably complained that it is very difficult to manage during night-time flooding incidents and Feniton Parish Council asked me to take the issue up with Devon County Council.

    I wrote to highways chief, David Whitton, asking for at risk streets to be allowed to return to all night-time lighting until the flood defence scheme is in place.

    I am really pleased to report that Mr Whitton readily agreed to this and highways staff are now consulting with Feniton Parish Council over which streets this will apply to.

    Photograph: Feniton Gardens flooding in 2012.