• Feniton is on the brink

    1st January 2014 | News | Claire
  • Cllr Susie Bond and her husband have rescued people stuck in deep water under the bridge at Patteson’s Cross, the drains are full to capacity with water and the allotments are flooded.

    Some residents are watching with dismay as the totally inadequate drainage system pumps raw sewage into their gardens and worse, it looks as though it may leak into their houses.

    People living next to a ditch on the edge of the village are on tenterhooks as the water rises inch by inch.  I have contacted EDDC’s emergency line and asked whether a powerful pump can syphon off the water to avoid it coming into the houses.

    The heavy rain is in for the day …

    Grief, what are the developers thinking?

    Photograph:  Station Road at Feniton earlier today.