• Feniton is NOT to blame for problems it faces

    24th January 2013 | News | Claire
  • Hi xxxxx, please be reassured that no blame should be attached to Feniton Parish Council or residents for the position it is in.  I am concerned that this rumour seems to be doing the rounds and I intend to put matters straight on my blog.

    All planning applications are determined according to a strategic plan, known as the Local Plan. Although EDDC’s Local Plan is now out of date, its policies are saved.  The Local Plan establishes built up area boundaries and sets the numbers of houses for settlements through to its expiry, for example.

    Although the EDDC Local Plan is out of date (Dec 2011), EDDC has been continuing to use its policies, quite rightly, to determine planning applications.  The new Local Plan is shortly about to be submitted to the planning inspector and will probably be adopted next year some time.

    Getting to the point, the Acland Park development is outside Feniton’s built up boundary, so therefore, an approval would have undermined EDDC’s Local Plan and undermined the ability to reject planning applications which are also contrary to strategic planning policies.

    So Feniton Parish Council was quite right to object to it at the time. 

    Fast forwarding to last summer, Feniton Parish Council, along with Feniton Action Group proactively identified that piece of land (next to Acland Park) as the land they wished to allocate for development in the new Local Plan.

    Unfortunately, Wainhomes then were awarded their appeal for 50 houses.  This forced the parish council, who were trying to avoid swamping the infrastructure in Feniton, to change its position and instead request that the built up boundary be drawn around the development at Louvigny Close.

    The developer at Acland Park has offered £160,000 towards the flood defence scheme, but if you will pardon the pun, this is drop in the ocean, and if it is approved, it will cause a real problem for the school, which is already over capacity.  Interestingly, Strategic Land Partnerships owns the school field.  SLP has indicated that it is happy for the school to use its field for expansion, providing it gets permission for its 120 houses on land next to Ottery Road.

    What I am trying to say, in a rather roundabout way, is that the parish council has dealt with a very difficult and rapidly changing situation as well as it possibly can under the circumstances and Feniton Action Group has also been great in its energy and enthusiasm and keeping residents informed.

    I hope that this has explained things, but please don’t hesitate to reply if something is not clear. 

    You may like to keep in touch with my website, which often includes Feniton related items.

    Best wishes