• Feniton hit by flooding - despite no official flood warning

    14th January 2013 | News | Claire
  • On Saturday afternoon I visited families living in two cottages on the edge of the village, were up early sweeping and pumping out water from their houses, as people in the centre of Feniton were anxiously watching roads and gardens for signs that the water was about to seep through doors and walls.

    The fire brigade was called in to try and accelerate removal of the water.

    The cottages have now been flooded an appalling seven times in six months – the surrounding fields are so sodden that there currently appears to be little or no ability to absorb any rain.

    As you can imagine, the occupants are beyond the end of their tether.

    Feniton is currently subjected to three major planning applications, totalling over 150 more houses, in the village.  This is on top of an appeal allowing 50 houses, last September.  Developer, Wainhomes is believed to be considering an significant extension to this site, perhaps up to 100 houses.

    Feniton is allocated 35 houses in EDDC’s Local Plan until 2026, but the level of development proposed by developers, if applications are approved, would grow the village by around half.

    The link below contains a video taken on Saturday morning by the Feniton Action Group, of the flooded roads around Feniton.


    For more information on Feniton and its unwelcome popularity with developers, visit the Feniton Action Group website here – http://theffff.wordpress.com/