• Feniton gets fast-tracked on local plan housing allocation

    17th July 2012 | News | Claire
  • Councillors on the committee heard that Feniton is under pressure from developers and there is shortly to be an appeal by a developer (Wainhomes) which is why EDDC has asked the parish council to identify preferred sites for development, prior to other villages in East Devon, which will identify their sites during the autumn.

    Feniton Parish Council’s preferred sites are land at Acland Park (32 dwellings) and land between Fircroft and the railway (3 dwellings).  There is already a planning application pending for land at Acland Park.

    Future consultation documents will show these sites as included in the built-up area boundary.

    I am the councillor for part of Feniton, including a field subject to a planning application for 120 houses, rejected by EDDC last December.

    Two members of the public from Feniton were present – Jayne Blackmore and Val Jones.

    Ward member, Cllr Graham Brown spoke in favour of the fast-tracking of identifying land at Feniton and thanked officers for their hard work in helping Feniton’s parish council identify suitable land.  He added that many people were concerned about flooding.

    Cllr David Key added that he thought Feniton needed some development and that it would be helpful to have some money to address the flooding problem.  He indicated that he thought Acland Park was suitable, as it was a brownfield site.  Cllr Key then moved a proposal to support the recommendation for including the land within Feniton’s built-up area boundary.

    However, EDDC solicitor Paul Berkley confirmed that the land in question at Acland Park land was greenfield, not brownfield.

    The committee voted in favour of the recommendation.