• Feniton floods top story on BBC Radio Devon today

    3rd December 2012 | News | Claire
  • The village’s county councillor, Roger Giles was interviewed and explained the background to the decision – that it was the Government’s priority to build houses, trumping serious problems, such as sewage facilities being at capacity and flooding issues.

    The new priorities, have been weaved into the National Planning Policy Framework, published earlier this year.

    Previously, there had been a balance in national planning policy, in terms of environmental, social and economic impact.  Now the only thing that seems to matter is building houses.  That is more important than anything else, according to the government.

    Although of course, government ministers, such as planning minister, Nick Boles says people who object to development are selfish and have blamed the planning inspectorate for the appeal decision at Feniton!

    A Royal Town Planning past president, Richard Summers, was also interviewed by the BBC at about 8.45am.

    You can listen to the programme by clicking on the link below: