• Please attend special town council meeting to ‘re-examine’ working group to save hospital!

    22nd November 2018 | News | Claire
  • At the Ottery Town Council meeting on Tuesday 6 November, a proposal for a working group to help retain Ottery’s community hospital was approved by three votes to eight abstentions.

    Next Thursday’s meeting is convened on the grounds of not having enough information, despite myself, Cllr Geoff Pratt, Roger Giles and Dr Margaret Hall (chair of West Hill Parish Council) explaining at length the proposal.

    I’m kind of speechless at the apparent determination of some town councillors to thwart plans to save our hospital.

    And I have never known an Ottery Town Council meeting in public to take place in the middle of the day either.

    Dr Hall’s letter to Mayor, Paul Bartlett, setting out the background to why there is a need for a working group, was published on this blog earlier this week, here – http://www.claire-wright.org/index.php/post/west_hill_parish_council_chairs_letter_to_ottery_mayor_explaining_working_g

    Members of the public are able to make representations at the beginning of next Thursday’s meeting. 

    If you have a view, please do go along and express it.

    If you have no view but wish to attend the meeting, please try and be there.

    It will be held at the town council offices, just off The Square.

    It is only by seeing the strength of feeling in the town to protect the hospital that councillors may relent and allow this vital work to happen.

    Unfortunately, I am in London that day, so will be unable to be there.

    The agenda will appear here shortly – http://www.otterystmary-tc.gov.uk/Ottery-St-Mary-Town-Council/Default-24395.aspx

    Pic:  Over 200 people who attended mine and Cllr Giles meeting in October 2014 when Ottery Hospital’s beds were first threatened.