• Exeter’s homelessness problem is worse than ever, says charity

    15th February 2019 | News | Claire
  • The rise in homelessness is a direct result of the government’s austerity policies, cuts to benefits, less support available and huge cuts to all the authorities who are supposed to be looking out for homeless people …

    I had a meeting with St Petrock’s Centre manager, Mel Hartley, a couple of weeks ago so was aware of this.

    The problem is nationwide though and there is an increase in homelessness in East Devon too, although it is more hidden here.

    Thanks to Mr Osborne, Duncan Smith and colleagues, we also have of course, the demonisation of people on benefits, who in my experience are NOT scroungers, but people who are trying desperately hard to make ends meet.

    It is particularly tough for single parents.

    The number of people who are deemed fit for work who are clearly very unwell or disabled is totally unacceptable.

    Most of us are only two mortgage or rent payments away from homelessness.

    The way this government treats people who are struggling to survive in today’s society is an absolute disgrace…. and the disingenuous term “helping people to get back into work” is a nasty misleading term, further designed to encourage society to believe the worst of people on benefits.

    We are the sixth largest economy in the world. We should be able to take care of people who are struggling financially.

    St Petrock’s desperately need more funds to keep up with demand. Here’s how you can donate – https://stpetrocks.org.uk/

    Here’s the link to the full story – https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/exeters-homelessness-problem-worse-ever-2524267?fbclid=IwA