• Enjoyable grilling by Sidmouth College students

    13th February 2013 | News | Claire
  • I have to confess to being a bit stumped by some of the questions, including why are our water rates so high?  And how successfully is the EU managing the financial problems?

    Other questions ranged from local issues – “why can’t we have lighting in the Byes”, right through to bigger national issues such as gay marriage and discounted bus travel for students – a question which has continually dominated the three political speed dating events that I have attended.

    Others wanted to know what my biggest achievement had been, what my role was within the council, what I thought about female drivers being charged the same insurance premiums as male drivers and lowering the voting age to 16.

    I am always impressed when I go along to these events, how keen the students are to get involved in decision-making to improve and change things in their local communities.  I really hope that the interaction with the councillors today inspired some of them to believe that they can change things if they try. 

    The key is knowing what decision-making processes to get involved with and who to talk to and how to persuade.

    Serial political speed dating competition winner, Cllr Martin Gammell, was successful for a third time today!  So well done to him and well done to EDDC Democratic Services and the Sidmouth College team who organised the event.  It was great fun!

    Photograph by Tim Borrett of EDDC: Cllr Martin Gammell wearing the winner’s crown.