• EDDC’s scrutiny committee blasts local NHS for shutting beds and closing injuries units

    30th July 2015 | News | Claire
  • Ottery Hospital campaigners, James Goddard and Philip Algar addressed the committee, as did Cllrs Douglas Hull, Andrew Moulding and Peter Bowden.

    There was widespread anger and frustration that the CCG had ignored thousands of residents views, as well as cutting beds when managers promised it would be moving them only.

    The CCG was invited but replied to say there was no one available to attend the meeting.

    The committee, now chaired for the first time in years, by a very determined non-conservative – Independent, Roger Giles, resolved to:

    -Write to both MPs, asking them to contact the secretary of state for health with a request that the decision is overruled

    – write to DCC’s health and wellbeing scrutiny committee to complain about the process that led up to the decision, in terms of ignoring thousands of people’s views

    The committee also regretted the lack of financial information available to justify the closure of the hospitals, with no costings for the ‘health hubs’, that the CCG say will replace the beds.

    Pic – thanks Susie Bond. Having my three minutes during public speaking about the decision on bed closures…. Odd feeling presenting to the committee that I used to be a rather passionate member of!