• EDDC tree officer finds mature oaks killed before being felled

    5th March 2013 | News | Claire
  • This means that issuing an emergency tree preservation order (TPO) would be pointless, because these trees will now die anyway.

    Yesterday, I had asked if EDDC tree officers would put emergency TPOs in place on the remaining oaks that border Elsdon Lane and they agreed to take a look first thing this morning.

    But Stuart Baker, on his visit to the property, found that two of the oaks had already been irreversibly damaged, which would have been illegal if they were protected by TPO legislation.

    Mr Baker has though, managed to invoke emergency TPOs on four other important trees in the garden – three oaks and a beech.  He issued the tree surgeons with the TPO notices personally.

    But it is really dreadful that these mature oaks have been lost in this way and I hope to meet with EDDC tree officers soon to talk about the issue of tree protection.