• EDDC tree officer condemns oak tree felling in West Hill

    5th March 2013 | News | Claire
  • David Colman, who asked his deputy, Stuart Baker, to have an urgent look at the oaks and other trees at the address in Elsdon Lane, West Hill, this morning and establish what might be done to save the remaining trees, has expressed sharp disappointment over the practice of ring-barking and felling, perfectly healthy oak trees.

    He said:  “At this time when our tree population is under so much pressure from natural causes, it is sad to think that people purporting to be professionals have such a low understanding of the true value of mature trees.

    “How ironic that on Friday I attended the launch of TDAG South West (Tree and Design Action Group), a group of professionals and organisations with a vision to “increase the longevity, diversity, quality and number of trees in the urban and built environment.”

    It appears that the new landowner may wish to build a new house or houses on the land.

    Photograph:  The last of the four oak trees in the process of being felled by the tree surgeons.