• Redrow Homes wins appeal to build 130 houses in Ottery

    14th December 2012 | News | Claire
  • The national planning policy framework’s aggressive pro-growth stance is the main cause of the decision, which will mean that Ottery St Mary gets at least 430 houses now, without the infrastructure to support them.

    EDDC won three previous appeals this year, using a formula for calculating housing land supply that was deemed acceptable. 

    But then the national planning policy framework (nppf) was published.  Now this approach is deemed UNacceptable and nothing else matters than building houses.

    An out-of-date local plan was the other reason for the inspector allowing the appeal.  The new local plan won’t be properly relevant until adoption, which won’t take place until at least 2014.

    It seems to me that between the EDDC councillors (largely those on the old secret local development framework panel) who ruined the first draft of the local plan because they were more intent on asking developers to bring forward their applications early are to blame.

    The government, with its aggressive pro-growth national planning policy framework must take an equal share of the blame. 

    Both councillors and the government have unforgivably and lamentably let down the residents in East Devon. 

    The fallout from the two latest appeal decisions, is likely to be felt for many years to come in East Devon, as more and more developers use the decisions to argue for their own schemes to be approved.