• EDDC scrutiny committee to examine hospital bed closures plan

    18th November 2016 | News | Claire
  • The company still hasn’t responded to my question first asked at a June health and wellbeing scrutiny committee briefing about how much rental income it takes in compared with how much it spends on maintenance.

    In other parts of the country there are reports of NHS PS owned buildings being mothballed due to very high rents while NHS workers are forced to use alternative buildings such as church halls for baby clinics etc.

    Locally, a row has broken out between NHS PS and Blackmore Health Centre in Sidmouth after the company suddenly and hugely increased the rent and when GPs said they couldn’t pay, the company has announced it will redevelop the site forcing the GPs to look at alternative premises.

    Unfortunately, NHS PS has refused to attend next week’s meeting, which will take place on Thursday 24 November at 6pm at EDDC’s offices, Knowle, Sidmouth.

    Here’s the agenda – http://eastdevon.gov.uk/media/1926418/241116-scrutiny-agenda-combined.pdf