• EDDC office relocation plans to be scrutinised in June

    28th March 2014 | News | Claire
  • I requested, in the forward plan section, that the controversial plans to move from Knowle and build new ones at Skypark, be scrutinised before going before the full council in July.

    For some reason, there is no overview and scrutiny committee scheduled for June so I asked that one be arranged.  This was agreed by officers and councillors present.

    Some councillors asked that the item be held with the press and public excluded, which I completely disagree with, given that virtually all decisions have been taken so far in private session.

    Scrutiny is about examining issues of public concern. How can we do this effectively if the meeting is in private?

    I have written again to the chairman of the committee, Cllr Tim Wood to ask that the item is held with the press and public allowed to be present.