• Legal fees on fighting Info Commissioner spirals: AND judgement due two days AFTER EDDC decision!

    27th February 2015 | News | Claire
  • The council is battling the Information Commissioner’s disclosure ruling which insists that EDDC must release key reports on the state of the Knowle buildings.

    But EDDC has refused and last summer attended a tribunal in Exeter with its barristers, presided over by a judge.

    It is using a flimsy technicality to back up its case that reports should not be published.

    It is quite astonishing to me that in times of great financial hardship, that the Conservative leadership would waste taxpayers money on keeping reports from the public that the Information Commissioner has ruled that must be released, on a building that they effectively own!

    AND ….

    After months of wrangling it appears that the issue will come to a head next month, with a judgement set to be handed down on Friday 27 March.

    BUT conveniently, EDDC has booked its specially convened (extraordinary) meeting on the office relocation for Wednesday 25 March – just TWO DAYS before the judgement is set to be published.

    This means that councillors will not be able to refer to the reports in their debate on the day of the decision, unless the press and public are excluded, which would be unthinkable on a decision of this magnitude.

    So, members of the public are to be kept in the dark about these reports until after the decision has been made – and councillors are prevented from referring to them – which one might think, was the aim of these EDDC induced delays all the way along.