• EDDC changes tack slightly on controversial housing paper

    31st January 2013 | News | Claire
  • The recommendation has been altered, which at first glance, looks to be an improvement, however, the committee is still being asked to endorse the requirement to have a six year land supply, which sounds innocuous, but holds hidden commitments.

    Why not ‘note’ it instead, as with the other recomendations?

    These are now the full list of recommendations:

    That the Committee
    1. Endorse the requirement to secure a Six Year Land Supply;

    2. Notes that the Housing Minister (on behalf of Government) has, since the start of the new year, announced a new package of investment designed to secure housing delivery at Cranbrook to a figure of between 400 to 500 new homes a year;

    3. Notes that the Council has made significant steps already in addressing housing supply through granting permission at Tythebarn Green (the site is compliant with emerging local plan policy);

    4. Notes that a number of major planning applications have been submitted to the Council (that are compliant with proposed allocation sites in the emerging local plan) that if granted planning permission would add substantially to the overall land supply; and

    5. Notes the need to grant planning approval for high quality development proposals in appropriate locations, compatible with Council objectives and strategy, to help address land supply shortfall and address the objectives of securing sustainable development.

    The remainder of the paper remains unchanged.