• East Devon independents submit raft of questions on local plan failure

    7th April 2014 | News | Claire
  • The local plan has been found unsound by government planning inspector, Anthony Thickett, who described the absence of an up-to-date strategic housing market assessment as a “serious failing.”

    As a result of the significant delay in getting the local plan adopted, we are likely to see an avalanche of large-scale speculative planning applications.

    Our questions are:

    Cllr Ben Ingham
    Housing Numbers
    1 – How much do you think it will cost EDDC tax payers for us to provide up to date evidence of housing number requirements for the local plan and to prepare a Strategic Housing Market Assessment?

    2 – Why did EDDC officers think it was acceptable to use the 2008 population and housing projections for East Devon when they were warned/reminded otherwise time and again by outside bodies and members of this council of these shortcomings?

    3 – Will EDDC continue to carry on meeting the needs of Exeter City Council through housing allocations in East Devon or do you intend to start considering the needs of environmental sustainability within East Devon?

    Five Year Land Supply
    4 – As we need to provide evidence of a five year land supply from the adoption date of a revised local plan, when do you plan that adoption date to be?

    Housing Distribution
    5 – Now the inspector has explained to officers that the formula P x 0.05 = housing growth is unacceptable for towns and villages, how do EDDC intend to work this out, other than by starting again right at the beginning?

    Plan Period
    6 – Why did EDDC officers think a twelve year plan was adequate to meet a fifteen year requirement?

    7 – Do you believe that the new plan should target 2031 as the earliest final date of the plan?

    Cllr Susie Bond
    In light of the very disappointing news from Mr Thickett, when does the leader of the Council expect to have ‘all the boxes ticked’ for the Local Plan?

    Please provide a full breakdown of the costs of the local plan and local development framework process, since it started in 2007.

    Written answers will be provided at Wednesday evening’s (9 April) full council meeting. We will then have the opportunity of asking supplementary questions.

    The meeting will start at 6.30pm and is held at the Knowle as usual.