• East Devon housing plan should drop by thousands

    24th April 2013 | News | Claire
  • Earlier this month, the Office of National Statistics published its most up-to-date housing projections for each area, based on the 2011 census.  The report shows that a considerable reduction in housing, should be applied to most areas, including East Devon.

    The statistics align with the East Devon Campaign to Protect Rural England’s own estimations back in January, which also calculate that only around 11,000 houses need to be built in East Devon, until 2026 – see – http://www.claire-wright.org/index.php/post/east_devon_cpre_housing_numbers_should_be_radically_slashed/ 

    Currently, EDDC is planning for between 15,000 and 17,000 houses.

    I have contacted EDDC’s deputy leader Andrew Moulding, who is also the strategic development portfolio holder, to ask whether EDDC will reduce its housing targets in line with the latest evidence, but so far I have heard nothing. I have just sent a further email to him this evening and hope to hear from him soon.

    To see more information about the ONS housing projections, see this link – http://www.claire-wright.org/index.php/post/housing_projections_reduced_by_25000_a_year/