• East Devon Alliance welcomes right of public to film council meetings

    12th August 2014 | News | Claire
  • http://eastdevonalliance.org/2014/08/12/filming-of-council-meetings-a-major-advance/ 

    “Transparency and openness should be the fundamental principle behind everything councils and other local government bodies do.” That, according to EDA chairman Paul Arnott, has been one of the fundamental objectives of the organisation. However, these words come not from EDA but the Department for Communities and Local Government.

    Journalists and members of the public are now allowed to use “modern technology and communications methods such as filming, audio recording, blogs and tweeting, to record the proceedings of the meetings of the councils and other local government bodies”.

    There are no restrictions and the right to record such meetings is already in effect.

    The EDA is delighted with this major advance. “This means that East Devon District Council’s inadequate and even hostile replies to questions raised legitimately can be exposed to wider public scrutiny by council tax payers.

    Similarly, as open debates will be recorded by the public, councillors may decide to adopt a mature and courteous approach to each other and to the public. We hope that this overdue reform will serve to encourage democracy at district, town and parish councils across the district. ”