• East Devon Alliance chairman: Undemocratic empire building folly crashes in flurry of crisis m’ment

    25th November 2014 | News | Claire
  • “East Devon District Council has spent a king’s ransom on the pipedream of moving to Skypark, and been stunningly rude to anyone who tried to point out the folly of moving our district’s HQ to the outskirts of Exeter It also defied the Information Commissioner in court at our expense in refusing to divulge the finances behind all this.

    This comes just one day after they announced the undebated idea of combining services with Teignbridge and Exeter City, itself just a few years after they spent another king’s ransom paying lawyers to resist such a move when it was suggested by central government.

    What started as undemocratic empire building is now crashing about the council’s ears in a flurry of crisis management and press releases trying to get all this bad news out of the way before election year. Our council tax is not safe in these people’s hands.”